Heart-Centred and Conscious Clothing for Independent Women

We create quality timeless clothing while being fully conscious of our impact on the Earth through every step of the process, from seed to body.

Using organic natural fabrics, we work towards being sustainable in our manufacturing process. We support small ethical factories and their workers, knowing that we contribute to their livelihood.

Merino Hand-Knits

Our range of beautiful and unique hand-knitted garments have been knitted by highly skilled artisans in a disadvantaged community in South Africa.

Each sale helps to provide a much-needed income for the knitter, helping them to support themselves and their families.

Meet Our Knitting Artist


Clothing represents so much more than a covering for our bodies, it is a self-reflection of who we are and even more, a projection of who we would like to be and the values we hold. What we choose to wear is a little like a glimpse into our centre.

- Kimelyn, Founder of Quillan

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Quillian designs are unique, adaptable and comfortable, to be worn for many years.