Heart-Centred Clothing for the Independent Women



-Organic & natural fabrics-

-Sustainable sourcing-

-Quality manufacturing -

-We support small ethical factories

-Timeless garments that can be worn for many years-



We strive to co-create a better world for all.

Merino Hand-Knits

Our range of beautiful and unique hand-knitted garments have been knitted by highly skilled artisans in a disadvantaged community in South Africa.

Each sale helps to provide a much-needed income for the knitter, helping them to support themselves and their families.

Meet Our Knitting Artist


Clothing represents so much more than a covering for our bodies, it is a self-reflection of who we are and even more, a projection of who we would like to be and the values we hold. What we choose to wear is a little like a glimpse into our centre.

- Kimelyn, Founder of Quillan

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Quillian styles are unique, adaptable and comfortable.

Designed to be worn for many years.