Our founder grew up in South Africa and carries in her heart both the absolute beauty and vibrancy of the country and also the extreme poverty and desperate need of so many of her people. She was drawn to do something to make a positive impact.

Women, in particular, form the foundation stone of so many South African families. If we are able to make a difference to their lives, the positive effects create a ripple of change and touch the lives of many others who are in need.
 The garments in this collection have been meticulously hand-knitted by one of our talented artisans and all profits from each garment in the hand-knitted collection go to the maker. 
Our knitters are women from disadvantaged backgrounds who use the income for basics that we take for granted; putting food on the table for their families, sending their children to school or even being able to afford essential medical care.
Our pool of knitters is currently small, as this is a project in its infancy. Our desire, however, is to grow this into an established community, enabling each artisan to earn an income which can make a significant material difference to their lives and those who are dependent on them. As a result, we hope to imbue these women with a sense of freedom, independence and strength.
Our yarns are sourced from over runs, excess stock and small independent suppliers, and we try to use as many natural fibres as possible. Because of the variation in the designs, yarns and colours, each garment is a distinctive one-off piece. The beauty of every jumper, top or accessory is that it is unique and each bears the subtle handwriting of the woman who made it.
Your decision to purchase a hand-knitted garment, not only offers you a remarkable and wearable piece of art, but it also gives you the ideal opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life.
Each and every action has a resounding echo in the world - we can choose to initiate an echo for good.
Check out 'OUR KNITTING ARTISTS' page to find out more about these amazing women.