Alder Pants - Hemp/Organic cotton

  • Hemp/Organic cotton
  • Extra wide wrap-pants
  • Long waist ties
  • Contrast fabric hembands
  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Pre-washed
  • Wash and wear
  • Made-to-order


The Alder pants are stylish and versatile wrap-pants. The extra wide legs and the broad hem-bands add fullness and a unique shape to the silhouette. The waistband wraps around the body and then extends into long ties.

The main fabric is heavy knit hemp/organic cotton and the hem bands and the ties are made from woven hemp/organic cotton and linen.  

Sticking to our principles of Slow Fashion, These pants are 'MADE-TO-ORDER'
Using this production method, we are able to avoid overproduction and subsequent waste.

Once you place your order, your pants will be made to your size and sent to you within two weeks. 


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